About Me

For the past 3 years, working for a big cruise line, I’ve been travelling the world.  My  job  consists of making a DVD of each cruise to sell to the passengers onboard.  I mainly film shore excursions with the passengers which gives me the opportunity to see all the main attractions of each ports of call.  I’m very grateful for my job and I absolutely love it.  This job also gives me the opportunity to film and edit every single day.  Of course this all sounds easy, but it’s not.  It’s actually a very difficult job mainly because nothing is in my control.  Time is my biggest enemy.  I usually don’t have time to capture the places properly.  The excursions are fast paced, so I learned to be fast but efficient.  I also need to consider the passengers, who have the priority.  I also learned to not take too much space and practically be “invisible” when I’m shooting.

The biggest reward in my job is when I get to be in some of the most inspiring places in the world!  My favorites include the impressive Great Wall of China, the amazing Game Reserves in South Africa, the clear blue water of Bora Bora, the wealthy Dubai, the engineering wonder of the Panama Canal, swimming with sharks in the Caribbeans, and so much more!

I built this website up to share my journey around the world.  Enjoy!